Rotary Dialysis Centre

A Brief Background to Purpose of setting up the Dialysis Project:

Diabetes is a slow & dreadful health malady & unfortunately, our country is worst effected with the largest number of diabetic patients in the world—3.8% in rural areas and 11.8% in urban. The ultimate result of this malady is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).   Dialysis is the easiest and most affordable therapy to tackle the disease. However, there are two problems associated with making this procedure available, they are:-

  1. The number of centers and machines that offer dialysis is far less when compared to the demand.
  2. The average charges being over Rs 1500 per session makes it difficult for patients who earn below that.

Keeping in mind the need of the hour, to serve the community of CKD affected, we at Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan have set up a project to serve the community of those affected by CKD by setting up a dialysis center, one which will not only bridge the demand gap to some extent but will also help those who cannot afford the treatment. By doing so we also wanted to encourage many others within the Rotary District to come up with something as challenging and helpful to society.

A unique 3-way Charity Partnership

The project was set up under the Rotary Foundation, Global Grants Program. 

The Project apart from Rotary as an organization is a 3-way partnership with the other 2 being Operations Partner—Bhagwan Mahavir Dialysis Trust’s center and Location cum space partner being The Guru Nanak Medical Centre.

Operations & Infrastructure :

The Center set up at a cost of Rs 1.15 Crore was inaugurated on 26th June 2016 with 12 Bedded fully equipped Dialysis units. The Center runs Monday to Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM. 3 Dialysis therapy sessions of 4 hours each is conducted on each of the 12 machines per day.

The patients apart from Dialysis therapy are also administered EPO and iron injections which are necessary for the treatment. The center as the purpose is charity only charges Rs 300 per session (as against in excess of Rs 1500/- in any other private hospitals) & in cases where a patient cannot afford that cost as well its done for free.

The center is well staffed with in house Doctors, Paramedics & nursing staff.

The Center within in 6 months it hit full capacity utilization and ever since has been operating at full capacity, doing over 9000 dialysis therapy sessions a year. Due to the overwhelming need for Dialysis, the club has palneed to further augment the capacity by 50% for the service of the needy.

Apart from the above our club is also conducting Preventive care & check camps,

We have periodically undertaken Diabetic & blood sugar Screening. This apart at the center Precautions & lifestyle change required is advocated, material is given to Patients friends & family. 

In conclusion, the Rotary Dialysis Center has become an Iconic Project of the Dist 3150. Operational for 4 years now, we’re happy to showcase the project as a significant and impactful center to alleviate pain and provide therapy on a charitable basis to people suffering from chronic kidney disease.