Blood Bank

Rotary Challa Blood Bank inaugurated by Rotary Club – Hyderabad Deccan

The Rotary Challa Blood Bank has been set up to encourage voluntary Blood Donation in a wide cross-section of Society, particularly in younger people. Equipped with a mobile van to aid collection at the donor’s doorstep it makes donation convenient and comfortable.

A modern well-equipped lad ensures that the blood is tested meticulously on all required parameters and the blood products given to patients are safe. The blood bank is equipped with component separation equipment so that each unit of blood donated can be used to the benefit of up-to three patients. The bank is also equipped with an apheresis machine so that single donor platelets can be harvested.

Blood products are provided on a free of charge basis to poor patients in government hospitals, thalassemic, and other people who cannot afford blood products whilst maintaining the sustainability of the blood bank.
Over the years the blood bank has processed and delivered over 40000 units of blood products in the last 5 years.

“To donate blood should be a regular habit of all healthy young people. To be able to get a safe blood product without concern of affordability should be right of every person. All of us at the Rotary Challa Blood Bank work with these twin objectives in mind” says Managing Trustee Sharmila Raj Jain